Albany (Regional campus) Perth (Crawley campus) Likewise, should you have any concerns about materials or resources, you can get in touch with the Faculty. Full-time Part-time. The course of change. On-campus.

Students are able to transfer into History after two or three years of study in other subjects. Semester 1, Semester 2. Some students may switch to another subject following the having completed the first or second term of History. 12-15 hours of contact hours, and at least two times the amount of your own time for study. In order to be able to switch your course, you’ll need the approval with your College that the change is in the best interest of your education and that you have the relevant background knowledge in the subject that you would like to change In certain instances, you might have to do some catch-up work, or start the new course from beginning of the course or an earlier year. Undergraduate.

If you believe you could be able to switch courses then we recommend that you call an College admissions office for assistance. MJD-HISTY. Also, consider whether or how the change in your plan could impact any financial assistance arrangements. (3 years (BA) 3 years (BA); 3 years (BA); (BPhil [Hons3 years BA; 4 years BPhil [Hons) Research and career opportunities. Quick details. Cambridge historians gain a wide range of skills that attract employers. Available. These include the ability to work on their own, examine evidence, and effectively and clearly present their arguments.

Albany (Regional campus) Perth (Crawley campus) In the past students have been offered satisfying jobs in various fields which range from broadcasting and journalism, to teaching and research consulting, finance as well as law and public administration. Full-time Part-time. Course outline. On-campus. The teaching program includes lectures from Faculty and Seminar classes as well as college supervisions. Semester 1, Semester 2. On average, you are required to attend eight to ten classes and lectures every week. 12-15 contact hours plus at least two times the amount of your own time for study.

There are regular supervisions that require you to write an essay. Undergraduate. This gives you the chance to discuss and formulate your thoughts alongside an authority in your area. MJD-HISTY. A variety of papers is offered each year. (3 years (BA) 3 years (BA); 3 years (BA); (BPhil [Hons3 years BA; 4 years BPhil [Hons) In your first year only one Outline paper must be able to cover the time period prior to c.1750 and the other following c.1750. Master of Arts Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) Another restriction could be the size of your class which are restricted to certain types of papers.

Katharine Worth. The majority of papers are assessed via exam and coursework that includes book reviews and essays. Katharine Worth. It is also possible to write a dissertation at the end of Year 3. A major in History studying at UWA is an enjoyable and rewarding experience. The Year 1. (Part IA) I can examine different fields and focus on areas that are interesting to me. You will need five papers: This is enhanced by the possibility of being tutored by historians who are practicing. Two Outline papers – these typically cover a long time and cover a wide geographical region.

I chose to study the field of history because I am passionate about it. Choose from a selection of approximately ten papers spread across Britain and Europe and in the Americas, Africa and Asia The Sources paper – which is a thorough examination of a corpus of primary sources on a particular historical subject an issue, event, or other. It has provided me with an possibility to investigate a broad array of topics that have expanded my understanding and made me think about the pre-existing theories. Choose from a selection of papers that vary every year. It is an interesting subject since the past is always shifting, awaiting to see a fresh perspective and an opinion to transform the academic world. Some examples are Travel and Trade in the Medieval World; Letters in Antiquity; buy Arab Intellectual History.

My main reason for choosing UWA was because it offered variety, and gave me the opportunity to try diverse fields of study while completing my chosen fields. A Historical Thinking paper – this provides methods and arguments by looking at a single work of the past that has influenced the field. One of my favorite aspects of attending UWA is the atmosphere that my studies take place both physically and academically. An Historical Skills paper – This covers the research skills vital to History that include making use of digital archives, resources, and oral history in addition to quantitative approaches. In addition, the staff is helpful and welcoming.

After an introduction series of lectures, you decide on a specialization in the field you wish to pursue. You might have an interest in one of these classes. Year 2 (Part IB) Study Abroad, Student Exchange & Study Abroad.

Four papers are required: Eberhard-Karls University, Tubingen.

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